Industrial Pot Stills

Industrial Pot Stills for Tsipouro – Tsikoudia Distillery

Special for the production of alcoholic spirits (ouzo, gin, vodka, brandy, whiskey and liqueur).



99.9% Electrolytic copper (forged) entirely suitable for contact with alcohol. Certified materials with chemical analyses according to the Hellenic Institute of Metrology

The industrial stills manufactured by us can be of various kinds and forms based on the needs of each interested customer and the desired distillation level.

The lower part of the pot still, where the material to be distilled is placed, is equipped with a temperature indicator, an overpressure valve, a brass manhole of 40cm diameter (filling in with distillation material) and a special outlet for the discharge of waste placed to the bottom. There is, also, an integrated coil for the full and better heating of the material to be distilled.

The upper part of the pot still (lid) can be manufactured in various shapes and equipped with special components inside of it (regulator plateau) aiming for the demethylation and separation of distillery by-products. The lid may consist of 2 expansion chambers (spherical shaped) for more stirring and a temperature-controlled condenser to control reflux. (COPPER PATENT)

In the fractional distillation process with an additional re-cleaning column, we adjust the column either to the side of the pot or on a raised base for space saving. This column consists of a plateau which we supervise with the properly designed portholes and check with special valves. One advantage of the re-cleaning column is that the heat loss is reduced resulting in energy saving and fast distilling, instant separation of head-tails, reaching a methanol level under the legal limit and producing a final product of a better quality.

The cooling column consists of vertical tubes, on which at the distilling point a measurement of the temperature and degrees of distillate is placed.

The pot still is placed in a special durable furnace, where we have formed the coil for gas exploitation and fuel saving resulting in uniform heating of the still.

  • Propane, oil, steam, pellets and pomace wood with inverter system

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