This special for our company collaboration was the reason for the manufacturing of a new important distillation machine.

The President of the Association of Greek Oenologists Mr. Thanos Karathanos, as a chemist-oenologist, and PhD of the Agricultural University of Athens, was to take care of the distillation in the best possible way. Apart from the distillation of tsipouro, the company is one of the few producers that dealt with the maturation of tsipouro producing a special and quality product.

For this amazing collaboration with Mr. Karathanos we designed a new AENAOS industrial still of 500Lt capacity with a fractional column for re-cleaning of 4 plateaus raised laterally to the boiler and a reflux condenser. At the same time, our specialized team undertook the transportation, installation of the pot still and the connection with the stainless steel collection tanks of the distillate.

We are completely satisfied and delighted with this collaboration, as it help us create new evolutionary ideas on the design of industrial distillation machines for the production of alcoholic spirits.

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